Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who made mummification?

A gold tomb!.!
   The ancient egyptians made up mummification. Mummification is were they would clean the dead body and wrap the body in gaze. They would take out all the organs and put them into a jar. Except they would keep the heart because they believed they would need the heart in the afterlife. They also mummified animals, but some more than others. They mummified cats alot more than other animals. They would put them in tombs that would have personal items. Some people weren't as lucky. They had to have wooden tombs, will the kings tombs were made of gold and jewls. I know I would want to have a gold tomb with silver because they are nicer. 

How and When was the Great Sphinx made?

The Great Sphinx in Giza!
One of the most famous statues in the world! It was built approximately around 2575- 2465 BCE. It was made of real natural limestone carved into its shape. Beliefs say that it was built to guard the pharoh Khafre's tomb. It is around 240ft. long and 66ft. tall, it is has a body of a lion and a head of a human. It is suppose to be like a statue of pharoh Khafre. It is located in the city of Giza were the great pyramids and temples. I hope you learned a little about the great Sphinx.

The Invention of Hieroglyphics! ;)

Hieroglyphic Letter Table
The invention of hieroglyphics was important to the Egyptians because it helped them state monuments. They also helped organize burials for KINGS,farmers,and other people of Egypt. Helped to write religious papyri for their beliefs. They wrote hieroglyphics on cylinder seals, because some people back then didn't know how to write so the scribes ( Scribes: Professional writers of ancient Egypt) and they would make cylinder seals to sign documents. Hieroglyphics may look like a bunch of pictographs, but it is a complex system of writing that is at once symbolic and phonetic.So as you can see that hieroglyphics was a great invention that the Egyptians made.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How was Ancient Transportation of Egypt Important?

     I don't get it!!!! Why don't they just use boats with motors. I mean it is a lot easier to go along the Nile River. Don't you think? Well I guess you need to have the right technology to have a motor. I guess, but to the Egyptians it was easy to row along the Nile. The boats were made of woven papyrus. Sometimes they held tombs being delivered to were it was being buried. The Egyptians army sailed in boats for wars. Boats were very important to the Egyptians for fishing, ancient ship burials, and going to other cities to fight. I wouldn't want some guy or girl in the back of my boat that is dead. As you can see boats were a very main use of their transportation. Another thing of transportation for them was the roads they made. It helped them carry the rocks for the great pyramids. Egyptians made a lot of transportation, but they had too much i cant explain all of them.

Why the Great Pyramids of Egypt so Fasinating?

       Have you ever seen one of those gigantic pyramids, well I have a they are huge. They are very fascinating to me and too the people who visit them. They were one of the 7 Ancient wonders of the world. The pyramids bring a bunch of tourist a year. They used to bury their kings under the pyramid grounds, but that stopped once grave thiefs came and would snatch the kings jewels. HOLD ON HERE!!!! Why would you want to steal a dead persons jewels and open up a coffin that who knows how old is. Anyways one of the main pyramids is the Pyramid of Giza. It is one of the greatest man-made things in the world. There is around 2.3 million blocks of Limestone. It is about 481 feet high. The other pyramids are fascinating too, but just not as well known as the Pyramid of Giza. I hope you learned a lot about the pyramids in Egypt.