Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How was Ancient Transportation of Egypt Important?

     I don't get it!!!! Why don't they just use boats with motors. I mean it is a lot easier to go along the Nile River. Don't you think? Well I guess you need to have the right technology to have a motor. I guess, but to the Egyptians it was easy to row along the Nile. The boats were made of woven papyrus. Sometimes they held tombs being delivered to were it was being buried. The Egyptians army sailed in boats for wars. Boats were very important to the Egyptians for fishing, ancient ship burials, and going to other cities to fight. I wouldn't want some guy or girl in the back of my boat that is dead. As you can see boats were a very main use of their transportation. Another thing of transportation for them was the roads they made. It helped them carry the rocks for the great pyramids. Egyptians made a lot of transportation, but they had too much i cant explain all of them.

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  1. I didn't know that Ancient Egyptians made their boats out of paper. I wonder how they managed to stay afloat with the amount of people that the boat had to keep afloat.