Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who made mummification?

A gold tomb!.!
   The ancient egyptians made up mummification. Mummification is were they would clean the dead body and wrap the body in gaze. They would take out all the organs and put them into a jar. Except they would keep the heart because they believed they would need the heart in the afterlife. They also mummified animals, but some more than others. They mummified cats alot more than other animals. They would put them in tombs that would have personal items. Some people weren't as lucky. They had to have wooden tombs, will the kings tombs were made of gold and jewls. I know I would want to have a gold tomb with silver because they are nicer. 


  1. I don't undersand why they mummified cats. Cats even had a couple gods and goddesses. Why worship cats, while people other than the pharohs had wooden coffins while cats had gold and their own tombs.

  2. I can't beleive that they also mummified animals!!!