Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Invention of Hieroglyphics! ;)

Hieroglyphic Letter Table
The invention of hieroglyphics was important to the Egyptians because it helped them state monuments. They also helped organize burials for KINGS,farmers,and other people of Egypt. Helped to write religious papyri for their beliefs. They wrote hieroglyphics on cylinder seals, because some people back then didn't know how to write so the scribes ( Scribes: Professional writers of ancient Egypt) and they would make cylinder seals to sign documents. Hieroglyphics may look like a bunch of pictographs, but it is a complex system of writing that is at once symbolic and phonetic.So as you can see that hieroglyphics was a great invention that the Egyptians made.


  1. I think that it was a great invention and a very complex one at that. All of those symbols and drawings for just one word. I don't understand all of those drawings but the Rosetta Stone helped with that.

  2. these were the hieroglypics writing they used b4 papare was invented